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Skobbejak Games
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Release Date:
3 July 2015 (Vapour: Part 1)

Windows, Mac and Linux

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Regular Price:
US$ 9.99 (Vapour: Part 1)


When it comes to interesting games to play, Skobbejak Games wanted to ensure that Vapour wasnt just a great horror experience but a fun and great game altogether. Vapour: Part 1 is available for purchase now on Steam you can also read more info about Vapour and its history below.
Short Description

Vapour is an experimental horror game, that fuses elements of both old school and modern horror titles with the frantic game play of classic First Person Shooter titles. Blending horror, shooter, action, puzzle and platformer in a dynamic yet cohesive combination.

In Vapour you take on the role of a psychotic warlock known only as "Charles", who has been held captive and brutally tortured his entire life by a sadistic cult. After being executed for his crimes, Charles used his last ounce of strength to avoid total damnation.

Now, trapped between the borders of Purgatory and Hell and with his powers diminished, Charles must battle through hordes of demons, face his haunting past and ultimately make it back to earth to exact his revenge on those who have wronged him.


 Vapour started out as a free prototype game that was released on 2 August 2013. The prototype game contained a very primitive version of the game mechanics and structure that we envisioned for Vapour, but it allowed us to get valuable feedback in moulding Vapour in what we wanted it to become. The prototype did not contain any puzzles yet, the objectives and pacing were still very basic and exploration was simple, with the player only following lights shining through the fog. Yet the game resonated with many gamers, so we set out to start on a full version of Vapour, with development starting in January 2014.


-Spell-based combat
-Interactive puzzles
-Non-linear level design
-Plenty of exploration
-Tricky platforming
-Terrifying demons
-Deadly scares
-Sneaky secrets
-One gory and twisted plot

Press Releases:

Vapour announcement and release date:

HTML version: http://www.prlog.org/12461902.html

PDF version: http://www.prlog.org/12461902.pdf



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Additional Links:

Vapour: Part 1 [DEMO] (2015)
If you want to download the Demo for Vapour: Part 1 you can visit this page here and pick the platform of your choice.

Original Vapour prototype game (2013)
If you want to check out the original prototype game we made back in 2013 and compare the improvements with the new Vapour, then you can download it in our Archive section.

If you want to check out the IndieDB page for Vapour: Part 1 you can go here.

About Skobbejak Games:

Skobbejak Games is a South African game development studio made up of Tiaan Gerber and Alexander Ehlers, making twisted games since 2013.

More Information:
More info about Skobbejak Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Vapour Credits:

Tiaan Gerber
Business & Game Design

Alexander Ehlers
Game Design & Art Director

Alex James Michael Reinitz
Lead 3D Modelling Artist, Contractor

Jen Schollen
Lead 3D Animator, Contractor

Levente Tarr
Voice Actor, Contractor







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